The changing seasons always bring new and fresh ways to play, explore, create, and learn with kids. And since pumpkins and fall are basically synonymous…

Here are 8 Awesome Pumpkin Activities and Crafts to try!

From painting pumpkins to play doh pumpkin sessions, there’s a little something for any age or stage.

And if you’re looking for more Fall Activities and Crafts beyond pumpkins, be sure and check out this blog post!

Painting Pumpkins

I personally prefer to paint pumpkins with younger kids for safety reasons. But painting also offers a lot of options for creativity and fun. And the pumpkins last infinitely longer too!

You can think beyond the paint, and add in glue, googly eyes, pompoms, feathers, flowers, and more for extra special creations!

Cardboard Pumpkins

One cardboard box, scissors, and paints/markers/or collage materials is all you need to decorate adorable cardboard pumpkins.

Kids love creating halloween decor, and as an added bonus, if you glue a ribbon on the back of one, it can double as a costume!

Carving Pumpkins

Perhaps the most universally recognized way to “decorate” pumpkins is by carving them! We keep the designs simple, have the kids draw the faces and grown ups cut them out.

Some kids hate pumpkin carving, and admittedly, it’s not my favorite thing to do. The scent is a bit off putting to me and the gloopy, squishy seed/pumpkin guts combination grosses me out. But I do it for the kids, ha!

There’s a beautiful pumpkin carving display that the monks at the Self-Realization Temple in Encinitas put on every year. Even if you don’t carve your own pumpkins, seeing artists create beautiful works of art from pumpkins is so fun!

Golf Tee Pumpkins

For something completely different and fun, consider trying golf tee pumpkins this year! We have a rubber mallet that works great, but a block of wood works well too. You can even build upon this idea with geoboard type designs using string or rubber bands!

Backyard Pumpkin Patch

Don’t get me wrong, pumpkin patch outings are fun, but they get pricey and are a one time experience.

Last year, I bought this hay bale from the craft store, set out the little pumpkins we grew in our garden, got a few larger inexpensive grocery store pumpkins and gourds, and made it an event!

The kids made signs and brought their little red wagon through the patch to pick pumpkins.

My youngest wheeled her pumpkins all around the house and yard for days!

And if you have a little play cash register, you could setup a pumpkin patch check out for fun dramatic play.

Play doh Pumpkins

I’ve seen many gorgeous fall play doh sensory setups on Instagram and Pinterest. But the truth is, you don’t need a lot to make a play doh session feel festive and fun! And often my philosophy, is simple can be just as fun.

For this setup, we went for a little neighborhood nature walk, collected some acorns, leaves and twigs.

Then I busted out the box of play doh, found a pumpkin shape cutter, and grabbed a few of the pumpkins we grew in the garden.

Nothing fancy, but my youngest had a lot of fun!

Pumpkin Wash

Before you paint or carve your pumpkins, consider giving them a bath and turning it into an activity too!

We used a big plastic tub, added pumpkins and a couple scrub brushes, a few drops of soap. Fun and the end result is sparkling clean pumpkins!

Pumpkin Songs and Books

This fall, consider making a pumpkin themed bookshelf or creating a special Fall playlist or Halloween playlist!

I’ve written a whole blog post about reading activities and my library strategy for holidays and special themes. But it’s lots of fun to build learning around themes and books are a great tool for exploring and reinforcing ideas.

How will you Celebrate?

However you celebrate fall and the pumpkin season, I hope it’s full or pumpkin activities and crafts and of course, lots of fun!

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