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November 21, 2020

Some of the best gifts are those that provide experiences, offer connection, learning, and are screen free. Art supplies meet all of those criteria and so much more!

Art supplies make great gifts for kids because they are fun, colorful, exciting, and provide endless opportunities to create.

And when you give a kid the gift of art, you’re investing in them as a creator, a person with big ideas and unlimited imagination.

Here are a few of our favorite supplies that make wonderful art gifts for kids any time of the year!

Where to Buy Art Supplies

A quick note about buying art supplies. We don’t have an independent art supply store very close to us, so I buy usually buy art supplies from Blick Art Materials online, Michael’s, Target, and Amazon.

Because it’s the most widely available way to shop, this post contains affiliate links to Amazon. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I will receive a small commission and am grateful for your support.

But whenever possible, it’s wonderful to support smaller businesses and local art stores. I especially like Blick Art Materials. And their online shop offers free shipping for orders over $45. Blick is competitively priced and in a lot of cases, cheaper than Amazon. So, if you’re stocking up on supplies, please consider shopping with them! If you shop through my Blick Art Materials link, I also receive a small commission and am grateful for your support.

Art Gifts for Kids



  • Washable Markers – Never underestimate the power of markers. These are our newest favorite. They are vibrant and the scents are exciting!
  • Acrylic Paint Markers – These work well on cardboard, rocks, and over other types of paint. All around super fun paint markers – NOT WASHABLE though so beware!
  • Watercolors – versatile and great for all ages
  • Watercolor Crayons – Less messy than traditional watercolors. You just color and then can dip a paintbrush in water and paint over your picture
  • Watercolor Pencils – Another interesting way to play with watercolor
  • Washable Paint Sticks – Easy to use, dries quick, awesome for toddlers
  • Washi Tape – No mess, great for collage, sculpture, decorating, and kids love tape
  • Drawing Pencils – Great for older kids, sketching, nature tracing, and more
  • Tempera Paints – Washable paints that are vibrant
  • Sidewalk Chalk – Perfect for all sorts of imaginative chalk art ideas
  • Sun Print Paper – This is such a fun and unique experience. The paper is sun activated and when you soak it in water after exposure it creates beautiful prints. A really fun group activity too!


Art Books

We own and love these art book. They are full of incredible ideas and inspiration! While much of the information is accessible online, it’s nice to have a book format. Kids love flipping through the pages to find art ideas and plan their next project!

  • Make Play Create by Meri Cherry. This book has it all. Vibrant photos, exciting projects, fun and fresh art ideas. From toddlers to big kids, there’s something for everyone!

What Will You Create?

However you make art, I hope that you find a new art supply idea to possibly gift and create with!

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