Nature chalk art has become one of my favorite ways to create with my kids (and one of my favorite ways to create solo too).

The general idea is that you draw a picture with chalk and then find flowers, leaves, rocks, and other items found in nature to further embellish and decorate the picture.

I was just talking with a dear friend the other day about creating beautiful things that are impermanent.

With chalk art, we can enjoy the process, marvel at the result, and recognize that it will eventually wash away.

For me, I deeply appreciate that by making a nature chalk art drawing, I’m able to connect to the earth, the plants and flowers and rocks around me. But I’m not terribly attached to the outcome as I know it will eventually wash away.

Nature chalk art is a creative outlet, a meditative experience, and it helps me fill my creative well while hanging with my kids and including them in the process.

So, what do you need to create fun and whimsical nature chalk art drawings?

Nature Chalk Art Supplies

  • Sidewalk Chalk – Any sidewalk chalk will do, but we especially love Crayola chalk. It has such bright pigments and the consistency is really smooth. Blick Art Supplies has great prices on sidewalk chalk and fun new varieties like neon, glitter, and more!
  • Crayola drawing chalk is also great for drawing on paper and sidewalks. It has incredibly rich hues but is more brittle and doesn’t wash out as easily. I personally love drawing with this chalk. But beware that it won’t fade or wash away from sidewalks as quickly and my kids have stained a few pairs of pants with it.
  • Rocks
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Sticks
  • Shells
  • Glass gems – our neighbor gave us a bunch of these and we’ve had a lot of fun creating with them. They also make great additions to garden fairy houses and dinosaur gardens.

Succulent Art

In case you’re interested, I thought I’d explain a bit more about how this particular drawing came to be.

My kids know how much I love plants and succulents and we have a lot of them planted in big pots as well as an in-ground garden.

One afternoon, we were playing with chalk and my son asked me to help him draw the entire succulent garden. I suggested we start with a pot. So he chose this blue pot on the patio.

We did a rough drawing and then went on to play with other things.

A few days later, I came back to the drawing since it was still kind of there, and kept working on it.

And then, I got really into it. I found some succulent leaves that were hidden in my other pots and used them to decorate the drawing.

I love the colors and the way the succulent leaves really add depth and beauty to the chalk drawing.

More Chalk Art Ideas

If you love creating chalk art, check out this blog post for more Imaginative and Easy Chalk Art Ideas.

Ultimate Nature Art Inspiration

If you want some next level nature art inspiration, check out Sister Golden. Their creations are truly spectacular.

What Will You Create?

I hope some of these nature chalk art drawings inspire you to try and incorporate some new elements in your own chalk drawings. Happy drawing!

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