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January 3, 2021

My lunch-obsessed kids got new PlanetBox lunchboxes recently and they absolutely love them. In fact, they love them so much, I wanted to write a PlanetBox review to share some of the reasons why I highly recommend them.

Whether we’re hitting up the neighborhood park or going for a hike at the lagoon, my kids have come to expect that outdoor adventures = a picnic lunch.

My son also attends preschool a few times a week and I pack his lunch on the days he attends. I also pack lunch for little sister and we have an adventure while brother is at school.

Even on home days, I’ll often pack up lunch for a picnic outside under our backyard pergola.

So needless to say, our lunchboxes get a lot of use!

For a while, we were using these plastic Sistema Bento style lunchboxes for our lunch adventures. And while they worked well enough, the plastic was starting to crack and it was time for a replacement.

I’m trying to consciously reduce the amount of plastic we use over time by replacing plastic with eco-friendly materials.

I’d had my eye on the PlanetBox Rover stainless steel lunchboxes for some time now because:

  • They are a non-plastic, more eco-conscious lunchbox (stainless steel)
  • Seem durable (5 year warranty)
  • Come with fun and interchangeable magnets
  • Have multiple containers for my discerning eaters
  • The layout is fun and I thought they would inspire my lunch packing
  • I knew the treat spot would be a big hit
Image from PlanetBox website

Still, I just wasn’t sure if I could justify the price.

Lunchboxes Make Great Gifts

Then, one day, I was talking to my mom about holiday gift ideas for the kids and mentioned the PlanetBox lunchboxes. She loved them and generously offered to buy them for the kids as Christmas gifts.

We decided on the Rover lunchbox with four main sections and the special treat spot!

There are other sizes, but I thought the Rover was the best option for my kids over the next several years.

The Rover also comes with 2 leak-proof containers.

And because Grammy spoils us, she got carrying cases and the Sip Spout water bottles as well.

I’m fully aware that the best gifts often aren’t toys. But I wasn’t expecting my kids to be quite so over the moon excited for their new PlanetBox lunchboxes on Christmas morning.

Is this the best non-plastic lunchbox?

I really think that PlanetBox makes the best non-plastic lunchboxes! Many of the other non-plastic options I researched had too many components, seemed cumbersome to unpack for a kid, or didn’t have the PlanetBox fun features.

The kids love their PlanetBox carrying cases, water bottles, the Rover lunchbox itself. And of course, the super cute magnets (we got space animals for my son and dinosaurs for my daughter).

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you probably know that our family is pretty into space and astronomy.

So the fact that PlanetBox logo looks like Saturn was exciting. And the kids got a kick out of the leak-proof containers being called the Big Dipper and Little Dipper

When I explained the treat section on the lunchbox to the kids, they literally jumped up and down for joy.

PlanetBox in Action

While we haven’t had our PlanetBox Rover lunchboxes very long, several picnic lunches and excursions later I am already noticing many things to love about them.

Packing lunches in the PlanetBox Rover is so much easier than our previous boxes.

With the PlanetBox Rover, the box is flat and there are plenty of sections to pack a great variety fruits and veggies, a main sandwich, and chips/crackers/trail mix.

And the treat section is a highlight of course!

With the Sistema boxes, there were fewer sections and I didn’t love the stacking/layering pieces system.

It’s awesome that the PlanetBox leak proof containers can be tossed in the hiking backpack for snacks, or used as part of the whole lunchbox system too.

The Sip Spout water bottles are easy to use and clean and the kids like the little loop on the back.

The carrying cases seem well made, durable, and lightweight. These are the colors we chose to coordinate with their magnets, but they will go with other magnet sets in the future too!

The kids have no problem opening their PlanetBox carry bags, lunchboxes, leak-proof containers, and water bottles.

My toddler does need a little help closing the leak-proof containers all the way, but she’ll get the hang of it.

Easy Cleanup and Warranty

Another benefit of Planet Box products is that they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe (just remove the decorative magnets before washing).

The carry bag can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

While I was initially nervous about the price point, I’m so grateful to my mom for gifting us all with these wonderful lunchboxes.

And since they have a 5 year warranty, I fully expect to be using them for a long time!

I love that we can purchase inexpensive new magnet sets in the future too.

And, seeing how great they are in person, I’d definitely invest in them again when the time comes. 

In writing this blog post, I also discovered that PlantBox makes a Rover tray that’s perfect for plating up home meals too.

Highly Recommended

As you can probably tell from this PlanetBox Review post, I highly recommend the Rover lunchbox!

Especially if you need to replace worn out, plastic lunchboxes, these are a great, eco-conscious option that are durable and fun to pack for kids.

Bon appetit!

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