We love playing with popsicle sticks and making popsicle stick crafts!

And we love popsicles so much that there’s currently an entire shelf in our freezer dedicated to them.

There’s something extra special about Good Pops. I’m especially fond of the Orange N’ Cream, but they are all delicious.

Plus, they are dairy free and vegan, which means my kid with dairy allergies doesn’t have to miss out!

So what can you use all those leftover popsicle sticks for?

Popsicle stick fairies

For these little ladies we used washi tape, and fine tip markers.

For the heart fairy, I cut some heart shapes from a painted almond milk carton and turned them into wings. I attached them with a dab of hot glue on the back.

Building and play materials

In this picture, my oldest is creating a road for a cardboard box garage.

We taped a cardboard tube to the wall and made a slide for popsicle sticks on this particular day.

Painted Popsicle Sticks

Last summer, I found this summery neon Crayola tempera paintand thought it would be perfect to give our popsicle stick collection new life. It was a quick and easy project and they turned out really cool.

When they were dry, the kids worked together on a rainbow road.

Around Halloween, we also used our popsicle sticks to make these fun STEM spiderwebs.

There are tons of other ideas for popsicle stick crafts like dragonflies or little boats.

If your kids are a little older, this kinetic popsicle stick experiment looks really interesting too.

Book Recommendation

I’m always looking for books that match my kids interests. Since they love popsicles so much, I did a little research and found this awesome book called The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle by Anne Renaud and illustrated by Milan Pavlović.

We love this book! It is based on Frank Epperson’s popsicle invention, has a STEM focus, and is really fun.

More Frozen Treat Fun

By the way, you can get the Good Pop freezer tubes at Thrive Market. In case you don’t know about Thrive Market, it’s a wonderful online grocery store chock full of healthy and allergy friendly foods, cleaning supplies, health and beauty, and more. Their boxes are sturdy and great for recycled projects too!

And, if your kids are into frozen treats, be sure and check out my tutorial, How to Make a Toy Ice Cream Cart Out of a Cardboard Box. It’s a really simple and fun project!

What Will You Create?

If you try any of these fun popsicle stick creations, please share your pictures with us. We’d love to see what you create!

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