If there’s one thing that is almost universally loved by kids, it’s ice cream. And what better way to celebrate the fun of sweet treats than with a ice cream cone craft?

Okay, maybe a real sweet treat is the best celebration of all. But this super fun, simple, and eco-friendly ice cream cone craft is sure to delight any kid with a sweet tooth.

I first saw the idea of using shaving cream puffy paint to make an ice cream cone on Crafty Morning and thought it was darling.

Recycled Art Ideas

Now, if you follow the Barefoot Carrot blog at all, you know that I’m really into cardboard crafts and using lots of recycled materials in projects.

Last year, I made a bunch of plastic sprinkles using recycled Bunch O Balloons pieces for our cardboard gingerbread houses. Then we used recycled artwork to cut heart shapes for our beautiful glass gift jars.

When my Thrive Market order arrived, the coconut milk was wrapped in brown paper that immediately reminded me of waffle cones.

I knew there was a way to combine cardboard, puffy paint, and recycled bits to make the ultimate summer ice cream cone craft.


  • Cardboard box
  • Heavy duty scissors (this is the pair I have and I love them!)
  • Saved plastic bits of straws, Bunch O Balloons, or scraps of paper cut into strips for sprinkles
  • Heart punch shapes for more sprinkles
  • Felt or cardboard scraps cut into circles for cherries and cardboard stems
  • Shaving cream and white washable craft glue for the ice cream puffy paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Corrugated cardboard or paper wrap for cone details
  • Markers or paints (optional)

Ice Cream Cone Craft Directions

  1. Cut out ice cream cone shapes from cardboard. I drew a simple cone with marker and then used my cardboard scissors.
  2. Decorate the cardboard cone with markers or paints (optional).
  3. Mix 1/4 cup of shaving cream with 1/4 cup of white craft glue in a plastic bag. Knead together to mix. Close bag and cut corner. Pipe the glue puffy paint onto the ice cream cones.
  4. Use a paintbrush to spread the puffy paint around the cone.
  5. Decorate with sprinkles, cherries, and waffle cone paper.
  6. You can always color additional details on areas without the puffy glue.
  7. Allow to dry and enjoy playing with your delicious new treat!

Free Summer Ice Cream Cone Craft Tutorial Worksheet

Click here for a free printable craft tutorial worksheet!

Great for Preschool Kids

I helped the kids at my son’s preschool make these as part of my career week presentation and they turned out so adorable!

I love how the kids chose to individualize and decorate their cones. The puffy glue/shaving cream paint was a fun new medium for them to explore too.

But I’m pretty sure after my presentation that the kids all think my job is to sell ice cream.

Popsicles and More

Once you start making cardboard play treats, you won’t want to stop at ice cream cones. We had fun making cardboard popsicles with markers too.

We even made pretend milkshakes and smoothies using brown paper and recycled single use straws. Seriously, save those straws! They come in handy for all sorts of art and projects.

More Frozen Fun

If you’re really into ice cream and sweet treats, be sure and check out my post on how make an adorable toy ice cream cart out of a cardboard box. It’s perfect for imaginative play with your new ice cream cone craft!

Ice Cream Playlist

And because ice cream is so much fun, I put together a summer ice cream playlist with some entertaining, sweet treat-themed songs. Hope you enjoy!

Book Recommendation

And if you’re into books that feature ice cream treats, be sure and check out this whimsical story…Once Upon a Unicorn’s Horn by Beatrice Blue.

My kids love this sweet and silly story. And it has a unique unicorn story plot with a smushed ice cream cone that turns into a unicorn horn.

What Will You Create?

I hope you love making this cute ice cream cone craft as much as we did. If you give it a try, please share your pictures with us!

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