Easter basket crafts are a fun and easy way make decorations and celebrate spring!

They also make lovely little May Day baskets to share with family and friends. They would also be a fun craft to celebrate Spring Equinox.

A bit of backstory…

I’m always on the hunt for fun ways to recycle and reuse things in our art and craft play. We get the most delicious local strawberries from the nearby fruit stand and I’ve been saving the green plastic strawberry baskets.

We have already made cardboard and washi tape hot air balloons using the strawberry baskets.

But it was time to get in a springy mood and turn a few into simple Easter basket crafts.

Scrap Artwork Easter Baskets

For the first go round of our simple easter basket crafts, we cut strips of scrap paper artwork and wove them into the baskets.

Then we decorated with washi tape and made a little handle to go with them. They were fun to make and a great fine motor skill activity too!

Botanical Baskets

Then, I was feeling inspired by the nasturtiums and garden flowers popping up and decided to make a little botanical basket as well.

I wove the ends of flowers and plants into the strawberry basket and tucked a curved branch into the sides for a handle.

It’s not Easter yet, but that didn’t stop us from practicing egg hunting skills in the backyard. Last year’s plastic eggs with chocolate cat cookies from Trader Joe’s tucked inside were a pre-Easter hit.

These sweet little baskets would make a fun centerpiece for Easter brunch, or to use as gift wrapping. They were fun to hunt for plastic eggs too.


  • Recycled strawberry baskets
  • Cut strips of recycled artwork (we used a combination of regular paper and recycled brown paper bag artwork)
  • Washi tape
  • Flowers, herbs, leaves, sticks


  1. Clean and dry the recycled strawberry basket
  2. Cut strips of recycled artwork so that they fit in the basket holes
  3. Weave in and out until you go all the way around
  4. Use colorful Washi tape to secure the paper strips and for decoration
  5. Create a handle using recycled brown paper bags (we folded a strip into thirds and reinforced with Washi tape)
  6. If you are creating a botanical basket, weave the greenery and flower stems as best as possible through the basket. Add a curved stick for a handle
  7. Enjoy your beautiful creation!

More Spring Fun

If you’re looking for more spring-inspired fun, check out this beautiful nature-based tea party idea or these whimsical nature and chalk art creations.

Book Recommendation

Speaking of Easter, I wanted to share one of our all time favorite bunny books. It’s called Bunny’s Book Club by Annie Silvestro and illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss.

While not an Easter book, it has a fun spring feel, celebrates the joy of reading, and features carrot muffins and cups of tea.

This is one of those wonderful books that I never get tired of reading because there are fun little Easter eggs in the text and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful.

I highly recommend checking out Bunny’s Book Club from your local library. It is also available through Bookshop.

What Will You Create?

If you try making recycled strawberry Easter baskets, we’d love to see your photos. Happy egg hunting!

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